The Committee

FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom’s committee is composed by:

For the 2020’s edition of the FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom, the committee is composed by:

Last year’s edition, the members of the Committee for FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB & Friends devroom were:

The committee of the MySQL & Friends Devroom 2018 was composed by very known members of the MySQL Community and by some new ones. I’ve the pleasure to present the new Committee:

For Fosdem 2017, the committee that reviewed all the talks and created the schedule for the MySQL & Friends Devroom was composed by:

  • Dimitri Vanoverbeke (@dim0) for Percona
  • Mark Leith (@MarkLeith) for Oracle (MySQL Team)
  • Serge (@sfrezefond), for MariaDB Corporation
  • Oli Sennhauser (@shinguz) for Fromdual
  • Peter Boros (@lepeterboros) for the Community
  • Alexey Kopytov for the Community
  • René Cannaò (@rene_cannao) for the Community

FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom 2016’s committee:

FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom 2015’s committee:

Thanks to all who have accepted playing this role and I wish them to work hard and make the best schedule as possible.

Oracle MySQL and its friends !