FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom Schedule

The FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom Schedule is now online.

Thank you again to all who submitted a talk and thank you the to Committee for having build such agenda.

It seems that once again, MySQL Operations and Architecture are very popular.

As you probably know already, this event will be totally online this year.

I would like to thanks the people who were able to jump after some cancellations… virtual events are not the most popular for speakers.

The MySQL Devroom will take place Sunday February 7th form 10AM to 6PM CEST.

25 years of MySQL – A RetrospectiveDave Stokes10:0010:20
Open Source Database Infrastructure with VitessShlomi Noach10:3010:55
From single MySQL instance to HA
The journey to InnoDB Cluster
Frédéric Descamps11:0011:25
Group Replication: Best Practices for Network DeployAníbal Pinto11:3011:55
Review of the Percona Operator from a DBA prospectiveMarco Tusa (the Grinch)12:0012:25
MySQL Router REST APIFrédéric Descamps12:3012:55

Better User Management under MySQL 8.0
Dave Stokes13:0013:25
Running MySQL on ARMKrunal Bauskar13:3013:55
Making MySQL-8.0 XA transaction processing crash safe
The key to use MySQL as storage nodes for distributed databases
Wei Zhao14:0014:25
Passing query attributes through the MySQL protocol
Extension to the wire format to allow data/metadata
Joro Kodinov14:3014:55
Linux /proc filesystem for MySQL DBAs
Sampling /proc content for troubleshooting
Valerii Kravchuk15:0015:20
Rewrite Your Complex MySQL Queries for Better PerformanceØystein Grøvlen15:3015:55
Automatic Asynchronous Replication Connection FailoverHemant Dangi16:0016:25
Sure you can run your database in kubernetes
Successfully run your MySQL NDB Cluster in kubernetes
Bernd Ocklin16:3016:55
18 Things To Do When You Have a MySQL BottleneckPeter Zaitsev17:0017:25
Hitchhiker’s Guide to MySQL
Don’t panic.
Liz van Dijk17:3017:55