In 2002 happened the first talk related to MySQL at FOSDEM: MySQL (Werner Strerenburg)


The first MySQL Devroom took place in 2004. David Axmark organized it. Some famous names were present (Monty, Brian Aker, Mikael Ronström, Anthony Curtis, Lars Thalmann, Johan Andersson, Zak Greant, Georg Richter, Guilhem Bichot, Harmut Holzgraefe, … ) and some gave a talk but the schedule has been lost.

Then for a while, no devroom dedicated to MySQL was organized. Instead some talks were delivered in different tracks:


  • a lighting talk of 15 minutes by Lenz Grimmer


  • SWOT analysis between MySQL and PostgreSQL (Guido Barosio)
  • Drupal and MySQL High Availabolity (Kris Buytaert)
  • MySQL Proxy: monitor, analyze and transform queries (Jan Kneschke) [lightning talk]


  • One MySQL talk from Lenz Grimmer in the main track
  • And finally a real devroom with 8 talks:
    1. Practicing DBA’s Guide to the PBXT Storage Engine Vladimir Kolesnikov   
    2. Monitoring MySQL Kris Buytaert     
    3. MySQL Cluster Geert Vanderkelen    
    4. MySQL 5.1 Plugins Roland Bouman
    5. MySQL, powering and using Social Networks Kaj Arnö     
    6. Percona MySQL patches and the XtraDB storage engine Ewen Fortune     
    7. Boost performance with MySQL 5.1 partitions Giuseppe Maxia
    8. Database Sharding Jurriaan Persyn
  • official archive


  • 14 talks:
    1. State of phpMyAdmin  Marc Delisle
    2. Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL Piotr Biel 
    3. Beyond MySQL GA: patches, storage engines, forks, and pre-releases Kristian Nielsen
    4. Drizzle, A MySQL fork for the Web David Axmark     
    5. Galera Replication for MySQL  Seppo Jaakola     
    6. Daily maintenance of big databases/tables  Frédéric Descamps
    7. Sharding for the masses   Giuseppe Maxia
    8. Effective SSD for your Database – a PBXT Primer  Vladimir Kolesnikov     
    9. 10x performance improvements – A case study  Ronald Bradford
    10. Correcting replication data drift with Maatkit  Stéphane Combaudon
    11. MySQL and Python: an overview   Geert Vanderkelen     
    12. MySQL HA overview   Kris Buytaert
    13. Refactoring Stored Routines  Roland Bouman     
    14. Gearman for MySQL   Giuseppe Maxia
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  • 12 talks:
    1. What’s new in MySQL 5.5 Lenz Grimmer
    2. HandlerSocket and similar technologies – NoSQL for MySQL Oli Sennhauser
    3. Boosting Enterprise MySQL performance: implementing I/O prefetch for InnoDB Steve Hardy
    4. Over 20,000QPS, XtraDB performance show Istvan Podor
    5. Data Recovery for MySQL Istvan Podor
    6. Taking Backups With XtraBackup Kenny Gryp
    7. New query optimizer features in MariaDB Sergey Petrunya
    8. MySQL 5.5 Replication Enhancements: an overview Lenz Grimmer
    9. Seamless MySQL replication failover with Tungsten Giuseppe Maxia
    10. Multimaster MySQL failover Petya Kohts
    11. Multi-Master Replication Approaches Seppo Jaakola
    12. A practical overview of Maatkit Stéphane Combaudon
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  • First time as “MySQL & Friends”
  • 16 talks:
    1. New Features in MySQL 5.6 Oli Sennhauser
    2. Sphinx User stories Stéphane Varoqui
    3. MySQL HA reloaded – old tricks and cool new tools to guarantee high availability to your MySQL Servers Ivan Zoratti
    4. MariaDB 5.3’s query optimizer: taking the dolphin to where he’s never been before Sergey Petrunya
    5. How to offload MySQL server with Sphinx Vladimir Fedorkov
    6. Build simple and complex replication clusters with Tungsten Replicator Giuseppe Maxia
    7. Cluster internals Ralf Gebhardt
    8. Optimising SQL applications by using client side tools Mark Riddoch
    9. MySQL synchronous replication in practice with Galera Oli Sennhauser
    10. Practical indexing guidelines Stéphane Combaudon
    11. Optimizing your innodb buffer pool usage Steve Hardy
    12. MySQL creatively in a sandbox Giuseppe Maxia
    13. Replication features of 2011: what they were, how to get and how to use them Sergey Petrunya
    14. Virtualized Databases Liz van Dijk
    15. Managing MySQL with Percona Toolkit Frédéric Descamps
    16. Choosing Hardware for MySQL Kenny Gryp (talk cancelled)
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  • 16 talks:
    1. 5 Percona Toolkit tools that could save your day Stéphane Combaudon
    2. What’s new in MySQL Lars Thalmann
    3. Hardening MySQL Maciej Dobrzanski
    4. Automated MySQL failover with MHA: getting started & moving past its quirks Colin Charles
    5. Troubleshooting MySQL performance Sveta Smirnova
    6. Divide and conquer in the cloud: one big server or many small ones? Justin Swanhart
    7. Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures Luis Soares
    8. When and How to Take Advantage of New Optimizer Features in MySQL 5.6 Øystein Grøvlen
    9. Avoid multi-master conflicts with Tungsten Giuseppe Maxia
    10. Synchronous multi-master clustering with MySQL: an introduction to Galera Henrik Ingo
    11. How to get MySQL to fail Daniël Van Eeden
    12. Introduction to MySQL Cluster Andrew Morgan
    13. Keeping the slave’s buffer pool warm for failover with Percona Playback Peter Boros
    14. NoSQL and SQL: Blending the Best of Both Worlds Andrew Morgan
    15. Feed me more: Memory appetite of MySQL analysed Raghavendra Prabhu
    16. Present and future of phpMyAdmin Dieter Adriaenssens
  • Room completely full !
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  • 47 submissions
  • 16 talks:
    1. Getting started with MySQL Performance Schema Dimitri Kravtchuk
    2. mysqlv8udfs – Writing MySQL UDFs in Javascript Roland Bouman
    3. Galera Cluster IRL: Migrate an infrastructure to Galera Cluster Art van Scheppingen
    4. 15 Tips to improve your Galera Cluster Frédéric Descamps
    5. Advanced Fulltext Search with Sphinx Adrian Nuta
    6. MariaDB Connect Storage Engine Serge Frezefond
    7. Incompatible changes proposed in MySQL 5.7 Morgan Tocker
    8. Inside MySQL 5.7 Replication Features Luis Soares
    9. Handling failover with MySQL 5.6 and Global Transaction IDs Stephane Combaudon
    10. Spider Storage Engine: The sharding plugin for MySQL/MariaDB Stéphane Varoqui , Colin Charles
    11. Sharding and Scale-out using MySQL Fabric Lars Thalmann
    12. Troubleshooting performance problems in MySQL Maciej Dobrzanski
    13. ProxySQL : High Availability and High Performance Proxy for MySQL René Cannaò
    14. Practical sysbench: Benchmarking mysql and IO subsystems Peter Boros
    15. OSM data in MySQL: All the world in a few large tables Hartmut Holzgraefe
    16. MaxScale, the Pluggable Router Massimiliano Pinto, Vilho Raatikka
  • a big room of 207 seats
  • a shared booth for Oracle, MariaDB & Percona
  • a Community Dinner with a buffet in a dedicated place
  • official archive

Oracle MySQL and its friends !