MySQL Devroom at FOSDEM 2021

For a long time, the MySQL & Friends devroom has requested FOSDEM’s organization to extend the devroom to 2 days.

Why ? Because we receive a large amount of awesome proposals and we don’t have enough time. FOSDEM increased the size of our devroom multiple times but the popularity of it never declined and you should now be familiar with the “We are FULL” sign in front of the door. Over the time we also squeezed the talks in the agenda and shrink them to 15 mins without break to propose to our user the max of that devroom day.

This edition will be online, so no more room space to fight for. The consequence of this is that MySQL will have again its own dedicated devroom and so will have MariaDB. Both projects are taking different directions and are no more drop-in replacement. We will then be able to focus on content related to MySQL and projects around it. This also means twice more content for the users. If everything stays as planned, MariaDB Devroom will take place on Saturday, February 6th and MySQL & Friends Devroom on Sunday, February 7th.

Good luck to MariaDB’s first Devroom (expect me to come say hi)!

So back to the MySQL Devroom, due to some delay in the announcement of Devroom’s acceptation from FOSDEM’s organization, we have some delay in our planning too.

We will now begin by assembling a new Talk Review and Election Committee and very soon the Call For Paper !

I hope to see you all online to share a virtual Belgian Beer (secondary effects are more reasonable) and stay tuned for the CfP.