FOSDEM 2023 MySQL Devroom – extra info

Hi all,

As you know the CfP for the devroom has been open and you may have noticed that we have only half a day that we also need to share.

Therefore, we will have only 4 sessions and they should look like this:

We didn’t decide yet which of the two colors will be for which project.

Due to the very low number of sessions, we will not attempt to compose a selection committee.

Managing a committee to find the candidates, collect their decisions, communicate and especially ask for votes (and yes often these are very busy people) is a time consuming process.

For the committee, reviewing the proposed sessions is a lengthy procedure and agreeing on 16 sessions is already very complicated so only for 4…

However, you may have also noticed that there will be two pre-FOSDEM MySQL days. We will check the proposed FOSDEM MySQL Devroom session to see if there is any content that could be presented at these pre-FOSDEM MySQL days. I will then contact the speakers and invite them.

Don’t forget to submit inspiring sessions, we look forward to reading them !

See you soon in Belgium !

FOSDEM 2023 MariaDB, MySQL and Friends Devroom – Call for Papers

Now that FOSDEM is again going to held in-person event, MariaDB and MySQL will once again have a devroom.

FOSDEM 2023 will take place on Sat 4 – Sun 5 February 2023.

However, there are some changes in the organization. Each project will be responsible for its track, so we will divide the devroom into two sub-tracks.

For the convenience of the speakers and participants, we will not mix the two sub-tracks.

You will have the possibility to follow the track you are interested in, or of course both

The other big change is that the devroom is only half a day. This will make talk selection
very complicated as MariaDB and MySQL will only have 4 sessions each !

The MariaDB, MySQL & Friends devroom will be held for half a day, probably on Sunday afternoon.

The MariaDB track will also be holding a virtual event, which will take place outside of the physical devroom times. This will be similar to last year, where a video presentation will have to be prepared well in advance of the physical event.

Key Dates

  • Wed 7 December: Submission deadline
  • Thu 15 December: Announcement of selected talks
  • Sat 4 to Sun 5 February: Conference date

The Call for Paper is now open and, as usual Pentabarf is the platform to use to submit your talks:

Please select the track”MariaDB, MySQL and friends devroom” and ensure you include the following
information when submitting your proposal:

PersonName(s)Your first, last and public names.
PersonAbstractA short bio.
PersonPhotoPlease provide a photo.
EventEvent TitleThis is the title of your talk – please be descriptive to encourage attendance.
EventAbstractThe description of your talk.
EventSubmission notesIf you submit for “MariaDB devroom“, “MySQL Devroom” (you can set both)
EventDurationPlease set the length of your talk to 20 min !
Set if you apply for an on-campus in person session in Brussels
Set if you apply for a virtual pre-recorded session

Don’t forget that the deadline to submission is Wed 7 December.

Code of Conduct

Please read FOSDEM’s Code of Conduct.

If you submit a proposal and it is accepted, you will be required to confirm that you accept the FOSDEM CoC. If you have any questions about the CoC or wish to have one of the devroom organizers review your presentation slides or any other content for CoC compliance, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

We hope to see you in Brussels very soon !