FOSDEM 2023 MySQL Devroom – extra info

Hi all,

As you know the CfP for the devroom has been open and you may have noticed that we have only half a day that we also need to share.

Therefore, we will have only 4 sessions and they should look like this:

We didn’t decide yet which of the two colors will be for which project.

Due to the very low number of sessions, we will not attempt to compose a selection committee.

Managing a committee to find the candidates, collect their decisions, communicate and especially ask for votes (and yes often these are very busy people) is a time consuming process.

For the committee, reviewing the proposed sessions is a lengthy procedure and agreeing on 16 sessions is already very complicated so only for 4…

However, you may have also noticed that there will be two pre-FOSDEM MySQL days. We will check the proposed FOSDEM MySQL Devroom session to see if there is any content that could be presented at these pre-FOSDEM MySQL days. I will then contact the speakers and invite them.

Don’t forget to submit inspiring sessions, we look forward to reading them !

See you soon in Belgium !