Fosdem 2015 MySQL Devroom – Submissions and ranking

Hi all,

Thank you for having submitted your talk proposal for this edition of Fosdem MySQL & Friends Devroom.

This is the list of talks ordered by rating. The first 18th were selected. Two talks from the top 18 were not chosen because the speakers (Luis Soares & Stéphane Combaudon) were already giving two talks.

Thank you to the Committee to have read and rated all the submissions.

The schedule will be published as soon as all speakers confirmed their venue.

Title Speaker
gdb tips and tricks for MySQL DBAs How gdb can help you to solve MySQL problems Valerii Kravchuk Y
Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting Sveta Smirnova Y
Visualizing benchmark data with R and gpplot2 Peter Boros Y
Moving to the NoSQL side: MySQL JSON functions Sveta Smirnova Y
Zooming in on the New MySQL Group Replication Plugin Luis Soares Y
Using MySQL Global Transaction IDs in Production Stéphane Combaudon Y
ProxySQL : High Availability and High Performance Proxy for MySQL René Cannaò Y
Docker and MySQL Fun and bad practice Erkan Yanar Y
Undelete rows from the binary log a hacking session Frédéric Descamps Y
Character encoding: breaking and unbreaking your data Maciej Dobrzanski Y
Materialized Views for MySQL Using Flexviews for MySQL Justin Swanhart Y
The New MySQL Replication Features in MySQL 5.7 and Beyond Luis Soares Y
Web mapping with MySQL An introduction to MySQL GIS Norvald H. Ryeng Y
Dependable Data Stores: MySQL Replication and Friends to the Rescue Luis Soares X
Multi-threaded replication in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 Stéphane Combaudon Y
Pseudo GTID and easy replication management Shlomi Noach Y
XtraBackup Recipes Stéphane Combaudon X
ENOMEM: Will databases ever stop asking for more memory Raghavendra Prabhu Y
Understanding & using authentication plugins Colin Charles Y
Capacity metrics in daily MySQL checks Vlad Fedorkov Y
Galera with Docker How Synchronous Replication and Linux Containers mesh together Raghavendra Prabhu
Introduction to MySQL Binlog Events Neha
MySQL & NoSQL – best of both worlds Andrew Morgan
New Features in Galera Cluster 4.0 Oli Sennhauser
Replicate to anything with FlexCDC plugins Using FlexCDC and plugins to process row change events Justin Swanhart
Simple MySQL automation with Ansible Guillaume Lefranc
Virtually lockless MySQL backups Backing up busy servers using the backup locks feature in Percona Server 5.6 Alexey Kopytov
Achieving MySQL Teleportation Jervin Real
Moving MySQL read load to Sphinx Vlad Fedorkov
MySQL 5.7 new features Oli Sennhauser
Tales of the MYSQL DBA Common pitfalls in using MySQL Dimitri Vanoverbeke
Troubleshooting and monitoring best practices Sveta Smirnova
8 things you can do with MariaDB that you wished you could do with MySQL. Colin Charles
Archiving data from a Galera Cluster Frédéric Descamps
Innodb Fragmentation Tips and Tricks Deep dive into InnoDB fragmentation Joffrey Michaie
Finding coffee at FOSDEM: New MySQL 5.7 features by example Jaime Crespo
Query Optimization in the Real World: From 2 hours to 0.00 seconds Jaime Crespo
pt-stalk – as a life simplification tool – highlights about pt-stalk Michael Rikmas
Introduction to MySQL Workbench Marcin Szałowicz
MyEnv 1.2 what users have requested Oli Sennhauser
Packagers’ Choices: Cherry-Picking Patches and Conventions, Taking MySQL + Galera as an Example Jörg Brühe
Securing databases with systemd for containers and services Raghavendra Prabhu

Fosdem 2015 – Call for Papers is open

FOSDEM-2015FOSDEM 2015 edition will be held January 31 and February 1 here in Brussels. The MySQL & Friends Devroom is back on Sunday from 9 a.m. What is FOSDEM? It stands for the “Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting.” It’s a free event that offers open-source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

As every year, the “Call for Papers” has been announced on the MySQL mailing list, and you can still read it here. CfP is open until December 7th!

Don’t forget to submit your sessions (submit here, don’t forget to fosdem_trackselect MySQL track) in time and see you soon in Brussels to discover amazing stuff related to MySQL and have some beers with Friends!

Choose 20 minutes for the talk and don’t forget the Abstract in the description (second tab).


Oracle MySQL and its friends !