FOSDEM 2022 MySQL devroom schedule updated !


Due to a complete misunderstanding about the available slots, FOSDEM’s organization had to remove 2 talks from the previous planned agenda.

However, we didn’t want to announce to previously accepted speakers that their talks were cancelled ! Therefore, we decided, with FOSDEM’s approval, to extend the FOSDEM 2022 MySQL Devroom, opening our room on Saturday afternoon.

Two talks were then moved to Saturday and the two backup talks were immediately added to the schedule !

More work for us and our speakers but more pleasure for all the MySQL fans !

Don’t miss FOSDEM MySQL Devroom’s 2022 edition, free online conference.

Here is the new updated schedule (the official one is available here):

Saturday, Feb 5th

Encrypting binary (and relay) logs in MySQLMatthias C14:00
Hash join in MySQL 8.0Øystein Grøvlen14:30
ProxySQL 2021 Dev SubmitJavier Jaramago Fernández15:00
Backup/Restore tools performance comparisonVinicius Grippa, Jean Da Silva11:00

Sunday, Feb 6th

Flame Graphs for MySQL DBAsValerii Kravchuk10:00
The relational model in the modern development ageShlomi Noach10:30
ProxySQL Cluster: challenges and solutions to synchronizeconfigurationacross multiple decentralized cluster nodesRené Cannaò11:00
Percona XtraDB Cluster(PXC) Non blocking operations, what you need to know to avoid pitfallsMarco Tusa11:30
MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet – The integrated solution for disaster tolerance of InnoDB ClustersMiguel Araújo & Kenny Gryp12:00
MySQL on Kubernetes demystifiedMarco Tusa13:00
MySQL Operator for KubernetesJohannes Schlüter13:30
Newest MySQL component services features or how to make an HTTP server accessing table data in a componentJoro Kodinov14:30
MySQL 8.0: Logical Backups, Snapshots and PITR like a rockstarlefred15:10
Why your backup strategy is wrong?Pep Pla15:55
Efficient MySQL Performance – A Book in 40 MinutesDaniel Nichter16:10
MySQL Performance on Modern CPU: Intel vs AMD vs ARMPeter Zaitsev17:00
Release Note Highlights from 2021 – Recap ’23 to ’27Dave Stokes17:30

See you there, don’t miss the event online as you will have the possibility to chat and video talk to all speakers !

Happy FOSDEM !