FOSDEM 2022 MySQL devroom schedule

The schedule of the MySQL Devroom 2022 is now published: here.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a talk. As usual we received more submissions than available slots.

Encrypting binary (and relay) logs in MySQLMatthias C9:00
Flame Graphs for MySQL DBAsValerii Kravchuk9:30
Hash join in MySQL 8.0Øystein Grøvlen10:00
The relational model in the modern development ageShlomi Noach10:30
ProxySQL Cluster: challenges and solutions to synchronizeconfigurationacross multiple decentralized cluster nodesRené Cannaò11:00
Percona XtraDB Cluster(PXC) Non blocking operations, what you need to know to avoid pitfallsMarco Tusa11:30
MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet – The integrated solution for disaster tolerance of InnoDB ClustersMiguel Araújo & Kenny Gryp12:00
MySQL on Kubernetes demystifiedMarco Tusa13:00
MySQL Operator for KubernetesJohannes Schlüter13:30
Newest MySQL component services features or how to make an HTTP server accessing table data in a componentJoro Kodinov14:30
MySQL 8.0: Logical Backups, Snapshots and PITR like a rockstarlefred15:10
Why your backup strategy is wrong?Pep Pla15:55
Efficient MySQL Performance – A Book in 40 MinutesDaniel Nichter16:10
MySQL Performance on Modern CPU: Intel vs AMD vs ARMPeter Zaitsev17:00
Release Note Highlights from 2021 – Recap ’23 to ’27Dave Stokes17:30

The time scheduled might still change but those are the accepted talks. We can see that backups are still a hot topic such as High Availability.

Kubernetes is also a trending topic.

Shlomi will deliver something new and we will also have a new type of talk with Daniel presenting his book on MySQL Performance.

Don’t miss FOSDEM 2022 MySQL Devroom on February 6th.