FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB and Friends 2019 Schedule

The MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom was once again flooded with submissions. The committee, consisting of community members Daniël van Eeden, Art van Scheppingen, Giuseppe Maxia and Aurélien Lequoy, as well as Tom de Cooman for Percona, Vicentiu Ciorbaru for MariaDB and Nuno Carvalho for MySQL/Oracle, had the difficult job of whittling down 67 submissions into the final 17.

The following sessions were selected:

Session Speaker Start End
Welcome Frédéric Descamps and Ian Gilfillan 10h00 10h30
Patterns and anti-patterns in OSS participation – Lessons from MySQL AB, the MariaDB Foundation, and others Zak Greant 10h40 11h00
Making Your MySQL Replication Setup Run Faster! Vitor Oliveira 11h10 11h30
The consequences of sync_binlog != 1 Jean-François Gagné 11h40 12h00
MySQL Replication – Advanced Features Peter Zaitsev 12h10 12h30
Tapping Into the Binary Log Change Stream Luis Soares 12h40 13h00
The art of multiplexing MySQL connections with ProxySQL René Cannaò 13h10 13h30
Improve your SQL – Common Table Expressions (CTE) and Window Functions Susanne Holzgraefe 13h40 14h00
LATERAL derived table in MySQL Norvald H. Ryeng 14h10 14h30
Test complex database systems in a laptop with dbdeployer – The friendly tool that makes DBA and developers life easy Giuseppe Maxia 14h40 15h00
MariaDB and MySQL – what statistics optimizer needs – or when and how not to use indexes Sergei Golubchik 15h10 15h30
MySQL and the CAP theorem: relevance & misconceptions – Dissecting, affirming and refuting CAP assumptions in real production systems Shlomi Noach 15h40 16h00
How to create a useful MySQL bug report – …and make sure it’s properly processed Valerii Kravchuk 16h10 16h30
How Online Backup works in MyRocks and RocksDB Yoshinori Matsunobu 16h40 17h00
TiDB: Distributed, horizontally scalable, MySQL compatible Morgan Tocker 17h10 17h30
MySQL Performance Schema in 20 Minutes Sveta Smirnova 17h40 18h00
MySQL 8.0 Component Infrastructure – Why, what’s there, what’s next and how to use it Joro Kodinov 18h10 18h30
MySQL 8.0 Document Store: How to Mix NoSQL & SQL in MySQL 8.0 – a database where developers and DBAs live in peace Frédéric Descamps 18h40 19h00

All session will be taking place in H.1308, Rolin (to be confirmed) on Saturday 2 February. Please check closer to the time for any schedule changes. Look forward to seeing you there!