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MySQL & Friends devroom will be present during Fosdem 2017 !

Good news ! The MySQL & Friends Devroom has been accepted for Fosdem’s 2017 edition !

mysql_and_friendsThis event is a real success story for the MySQL ecosystem, the content, the speakers and the attendees are growing every year.

Fosdem’s organization left out som e long time participants to give other projects a chance as welll to be present at this massive event. Hopefully we were accepted as MySQL is present at Fosdem since the very first editions.

The 2017’s edition will take place 4th & 5th February in Brussels.

I’m currently forming the committee for this new edition and the CfP should open in some days. Stay tuned and prepare your trip to Belgium for the winter !


MySQL & Friends Community Dinner 2016

FOSDEM is once again descending on the ULB in Brussels, and so again will there be a MySQL and Friends Devroom. Tradition calls for a MySQL and Friends Community Dinner, and we certainly aim not to disappoint this year!


Like last year, we’ll be renting the same private space to allow for easy socializing (at ICAB , more detailed directions below).

As such, prepare for an evening of food, drink and jolly conversation rivaling the great feasts of old. Disclaimer: Apart from jolliness, overindulgence on any account can not be blamed on the organizers of this event.

The listed ticket price includes all-you-can-eat Belgian Delicacies (or until we run out… go ahead, we dare you), as well as a great selection of Specialty Beers and other beverages. We’ll make sure that vegetarians will have options available, but anyone intending to join us with special dietary requirements (vegan, gluten-free, carnivore…), please let us know ahead of time!

In the interest of transparency: The price we’ve set is based on an assumption of a certain amount of people attending, based on last year’s attendance. If the amount of people ends lower than our target, and we end up having a surplus, any remaining funds will be donated to the Fosdem organization.

The reason we charge money up front is two-fold:

  1. We need to be able to give ourselves a rough estimate of the amount of attendees ahead of time, so we can make sure the caterer prepares enough food for everyone to enjoy. Free signups tend to make that number a bit less reliable. We want to make sure there is enough food to go around for everyone attending!
  2. Stress-free financials on the night of the dinner! We all know the effects of Belgian Beer on arithmetic skills. Flash your ticket, get your food.
We’re looking forward to meeting you all again at Fosdem and the Community Dinner. See you then!

Party-Squad – Dimitri VanoverbekeKenny GrypLiz van Dijk, Tjerk Ameel

Please register on Eventbrite_Logo_Small

Once again, we want to thank our generous sponsors, whose help makes this affordable at such a great price.

MySQL & Friends Devroom – schedule 2016

Event Speakers Start End


  Growing the MySQL Ecosystem
How do we get more of 'us'?
Dave Stokes 10:30 10:50
  MySQL 5.7 & JSON
New Opportunities for Developers
Morgan Tocker 10:55 11:15
  What's new in MySQL 5.7? Norvald H. Ryeng 11:20 12:00
  MySQL Group Replication or how good theory gets into better practice
Tiago Jorge 12:05 12:25
  ANALYZE for statements: MariaDB's new tool for diagnosing the optimizer Sergei Petrunia 12:30 12:50
  Rolling out Global Transaction IDs at Dropbox René Cannaò 12:55 13:15
  MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine
Simplify heterogeneous data access
Serge Frezefond 13:20 13:40
  More on gdb for MySQL DBAs
Using gdb to study MySQL internals and as a last resort
Valerii Kravchuk 13:45 14:05
  Clusternaut: Orchestrating Percona XtraDB Cluster with Kubernetes Raghavendra Prabhu 14:10 14:50
  Reliable crash detection and failover with Orchestrator Shlomi Noach 14:55 15:15
What can we do with it?
Oli Sennhauser 15:20 15:40
  MySQL operations in Docker
A quick guide for the uninitiated
Giuseppe Maxia 15:45 16:05
  Introducing new SQL syntax and improving performance with preparse Query Rewrite Plugins Sveta Smirnova 16:10 16:30
  MySQL Parallel Replication: inventory, use-case and limitations Jean-François Gagné 16:35 17:15
  TokuDB in 15 Minutes, What You Need to Know Jervin R 17:20 17:40
  The Query Rewrite Plugin Interface
Writing Your Own Plugin
Martin Hansson 17:45 18:05
  Galera Replication Demistified
How does it work ?
Frédéric Descamps 18:10 18:30

FOSDEM MySQL & Friends Devroom CfP is open !


FOSDEM 2016 edition will be held January 30 and 31 in Brussels like every year since 2000.

The MySQL & Friends Devroom is back on Saturday from 9.00AM.

What is FOSDEM? It stands for the “Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting.” It’s a free event that offers open-source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

CfP is open until December 1st!

Don’t forget to submit your sessions (submit here, don’t forget to select MySQL track) trackbefore December and see you soon in Brussels to discover amazing stuff related to MySQL and have some beers with Friends!

This year we propose two different types of talks :

  • 20 min session (15 slots)
  • 40 min session (3 slots)


Choose 20 or 40 timeminutes for the talk.



Don’t forget the Abstract in the description (second tab).

Last minute change in the Schedule

Dear MySQL Friends,

Unfortunately, this year we won’t have the pleasure to attend Raghu’s show. Indeed, he couldn’t apply in time for his Visa.

I would like to thank Andrew Morgan to have accepted to present his talk “MySQL & NoSQL – best of both worlds” to replace “ENOMEM: Will databases ever stop asking for more memory” from Raghu.

Respecting the logic, the next talk should have been “Introduction to MySQL Binlog Events” from Neha Kumari, but once again it was too late for Visa appliance.
Logically, Andrew was the next one and he agrred to present his talk even if the notification was very short.

The final schedule is:

Event Speakers Start End


Welcome to MySQL & Friends Devroom Frédéric Descamps 09:00 09:15
ProxySQL : High Availability and High Performance Proxy for MySQL René Cannaò 09:15 09:35
Web mapping with MySQL
An introduction to MySQL GIS
Norvald H. Ryeng 09:40 10:00
Using MySQL Global Transaction IDs in Production Stephane Combaudon 10:05 10:25
Pseudo GTID and easy replication management Shlomi Noach 10:30 10:50
Zooming in on the New MySQL Group Replication Plugin Luis Soares 10:55 11:15
Docker and MySQL
Fun and bad practice
Erkan Yanar 11:20 11:40
Understanding & using authentication plugins Colin Charles 11:45 12:05
Moving to the NoSQL side: MySQL JSON functions Sveta Smirnova 12:10 12:30
Undelete rows from the binary log
a hacking session
Frédéric Descamps 12:35 12:55
Multi-threaded replication in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 Stephane Combaudon 13:00 13:20
The New MySQL Replication Features in MySQL 5.7 and Beyond Luis Soares 13:25 13:45
Materialized Views for MySQL
Using Flexviews for MySQL
Justin Swanhart 13:50 14:10
Character encoding: breaking and unbreaking your data Maciej Dobrzanski 14:15 14:35
gdb tips and tricks for MySQL DBAs
How gdb can help you to solve MySQL problems
Valerii Kravchuk 14:40 15:00
Visualizing benchmark data with R and gpplot2 Peter Boros 15:05 15:25
Capacity metrics in daily MySQL checks Vlad Fedorkov 15:30 15:50
Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting Sveta Smirnova 15:55 16:15
MySQL & NoSQL – best of both worlds Andrew Morgan 16:20 16:40