FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom CfP is now open!

As you already read, MySQL Devroom will be present during FOSDEM’21. The selection committee has been announced yesterday and
today we open the Call for Paper !

This event is a real success story for the MySQL ecosystem; the content, the speakers and the attendees are growing every year.

The MySQL Developer room focuses on MySQL and its Ecosystem.

It will run on Sunday 7th February.

New rules / What changes since last year:

  • For obvious reasons, this year the event will not take place in a physical location but online.
  • The reference time will be Brussels local time (CET).
  • Talks will be pre-recorded, and streamed during the event – Before proposing a session, please make sure you will have the facilities (camera, microphone, network) and time to prepare, upload and review a recording during the first two weeks of January if your proposal is accepted.
  • Q&A session will be live after your talk.
  • A platform will be provided for people watching to join a common chat.
  • A platform will be provided for people watching to submit questions.

Key dates:

Because creating such event is not easy, because of the indecisive situation, etc… we are now bound by time.

  • Submission deadline: 22nd December 2020
  • Announcement of selected talks: 31st December 2020
  • Submission of recorded talks: Sunday, January 17th 2021
  • Devroom date: Sunday 7th February 2021

How to submit:

For this edition, we decided to have a mix of sessions. We are accepting talks of 15, 25 and 40 minutes, with time for questions afterward. The Q&A session will be live. Please, don’t forget to specify the duration in your submission.

You might be aware that the usual standard length for MySQL Devroom is 25 minutes and the majority of accepted talks will certainly
be in that range but we are open to exception (explain why in your submission).

All submissions have to be made in the Pentabarf event planning tool:

While creating your proposal, please provide the title of your talk, a short abstract, some information about yourself (eg. name, bio, photo, contact information, but remember that your profile might be already stored in Pentabarf).

It’s very important that you select the right track “MySQL devroom” and don’t forget to specify the duration.

And as usual, marketing and sales speeches are not welcome. Please focus on the engineering side, the operations and of course the developers. We want to hear how you are hacking MySQL and develop around it !

Recording of Talks:

The talks in the MySQL developer room as in other rooms must be pre-recorded.

Speakers have to submit a recording of their talk to the devroom in Pentabarf (if the talk is accepted and when recorded, not during the proposal) and be available for Q&A during the event.

By participating in the event you agree to the publication of your recordings, slides and other content provided under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY).

In the “Submission notes” field in Pentabarf, please indicate that you agree to the publications.

For example: “If my speech is accepted for FOSDEM MySQL Devroom, I agree to the publication of my recordings, slides provided under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). Sincerely, Name”.

Thank you, and see you soon virtually during FOSDEM 2021 ! Don’t wait too much and submit as soon as possible.

FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom: the Committee

The MySQL Devroom is pleased to announce the committee that will decide on the talks to be presented for this totally new format of the next FOSDEM edition. Indeed, if you are not yet aware of it, FOSDEM 2021 will be an online event. Every year we are overwhelmed with submissions and it’s the committee that has the thankless task of deciding on the final selections and agenda.

Every year, we try to have a mix of experienced members knowing the process of the devroom talks rating and expect them to mentor the new members.

This year’s committee members are:

Let me introduce them (not sure it’s needed ;-) ) and as usual, don’t hesitate to thank them (this year a virtual thank has the same value as a drink at FOSDEM’s bar).

Elisa Usai

Elisa is an Italian living in the French speaking part of Switzerland since 2010. She has more than 12 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Her expertise includes MySQL and Oracle technologies as well as monitoring solutions. She actually works for dbi services as Delivery Manager and Consultant.
Elisa is MySQL 5.7 OCP certified.
She is active in the Oracle community, she participates as a speaker to conferences and events. Elisa is a member of the ITOUG board and Oracle ACE Associate.

Gabriela D’Ávila Ferrara

Gabi is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and a passionate Software Engineer. She likes simplifying complex systems, and believes abstractions are best when they can be understood in a real life example. She’s driven to go beyond DBA lingo to make database and storage technology more accessible to software developers.

Liz Van Dijk

Coming from a long-term MySQL background, Liz is currently focused on helping businesses scale horizontally with Vitess as a Solution Architect at PlanetScale. Though her roots are in tech, her true passion is understanding the drive and motivations behind systems and people alike.
Lizz is an optimizer at heart, always focused on gaining deeper understanding and re-evaluating her knowledge and place.

Silvia Botros

Silvia is a Software Architect at Twilio.
She focuses on ways to break databases but is also talented at finding bugs in all your software.
Whether she helped build it or not. When she is not helping teams at Twilio build more resilient software, she is busy training her little replicas on also breaking computers and trolling her friends on Twitter.

Miguel Araújo

Miguel is a Principal Software Engineer on the MySQL Team, at Oracle.
He’s the Tech Lead of the AdminAPI, core component of MySQL InnoDB Cluster, at the MySQL Shell team.
In the past, he has worked on different projects and teams, mostly related to Middleware and High-Availability.
He has a Computer Science Engineering degree and Master’s degree, from the University of Minho, Portugal, where he was also a researcher.
His backgrounds are on distributed systems, scalability, database replication and high-availability.
He is based in Portugal.

Marcos Albe

After 12 years working as a developer for local and remote firms, Marcos decided to pursuit true love and become full time DBA.
He has been doing MySQL Support at Percona for the past 10+ years, providing advise on anything-MySQL and in-depth performance analysis to Inc.50 firms as well as startups with explosive growth rates.
Besides his technology knowledge, Marcos is also appreciated for his good mood and his sense of partying.
He is an expert of BBQ in the wilderness.

Markus Winand

As the SQL Renaissance Ambassador, it is Markus Winand‘s mission to make developers aware of the evolution of SQL in the 21st century.
His book “SQL Performance Explained” has been published in five languages and can be read online free of charge at
His next book is currently in the works and can already be read online as it’s being written (
Markus is available as a trainer, speaker and consultant for all companies and developers interested in SQL.

Giuseppe Maxia

Giuseppe aka Datacharmer, is a Software Explorer and creator of tools.
Formerly at MySQL AB, and then through acquisitions at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, and currently at VMware through a merge.
Giuseppe is an active member of the MySQL community and long timer open source enthusiast.
During the past decades he has worked in various IT related fields, with focus on databases, software development, quality assurance, and system administration.
Fluent in Italian, English, Go, Spanish, SQL, Bash, and a good speaker of C, French, and Perl.
He works in cyberspace, with a virtual team.

Thank you !

Once again, thank you to all the Committee to have started this new journey to FOSDEM 2021 MySQL Devroom.

Stay tuned, the Call for Paper will be announced shortly !

MySQL Devroom at FOSDEM 2021

For a long time, the MySQL & Friends devroom has requested FOSDEM’s organization to extend the devroom to 2 days.

Why ? Because we receive a large amount of awesome proposals and we don’t have enough time. FOSDEM increased the size of our devroom multiple times but the popularity of it never declined and you should now be familiar with the “We are FULL” sign in front of the door. Over the time we also squeezed the talks in the agenda and shrink them to 15 mins without break to propose to our user the max of that devroom day.

This edition will be online, so no more room space to fight for. The consequence of this is that MySQL will have again its own dedicated devroom and so will have MariaDB. Both projects are taking different directions and are no more drop-in replacement. We will then be able to focus on content related to MySQL and projects around it. This also means twice more content for the users. If everything stays as planned, MariaDB Devroom will take place on Saturday, February 6th and MySQL & Friends Devroom on Sunday, February 7th.

Good luck to MariaDB’s first Devroom (expect me to come say hi)!

So back to the MySQL Devroom, due to some delay in the announcement of Devroom’s acceptation from FOSDEM’s organization, we have some delay in our planning too.

We will now begin by assembling a new Talk Review and Election Committee and very soon the Call For Paper !

I hope to see you all online to share a virtual Belgian Beer (secondary effects are more reasonable) and stay tuned for the CfP.



There are certain things in life that you can count on …

FOSDEM is back in town, and together with that a new pre-FOSDEM MySQL day, actually 2 days this year!

And of course, we definitely have not forgotten … the MySQL Community dinner!

We continue the by now well known tradition of dining together in style with members from all over the community, and invite you to the ICAB venue (the same location as where the pre-FOSDEM MySQL days are being held.

Book your tickets now!!!

The listed ticket price includes a selection of Belgian Speciality Beers and food, which will be typical Belgian style. If you have any dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free,…) please let us know when buying the ticket as we need to inform the caterer who will make the necessary accommodations for you.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all again at FOSDEM , the pre-FOSDEM MySQL days and the Community Dinner. See you then!

Party-Squad – Matthias Crauwels, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Tom De Cooman, Liz van Dijk, Kenny Gryp

Pythian Logo

Other Sponsors:

ICAB Brussels – Business and Technology Incubator

Wondering how to get there?

The venue itself is located very close to the VUB. Transport information can be found on the ICAB site.

The total distance from the heart of Brussels, Grand Place, is about 20 minutes by public transport, along the route of metro line 5 (closest stop: Petillon). Be sure to use Google/Apple/Your Preferred Maps to determine the best way to get there, though as both tram and bus lines are also an option.

FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB and Friends 2020 Schedule

As always, the MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom received far more high-quality submissions than we could fit in. The committee, consisting of Marco Tusa (Percona), Kenny Gryp (MySQL), Vicențiu Ciorbaru (MariaDB Foundation), Matthias Crauwels (Pythian), Giuseppe Maxia (Community), Federico Razzoli (Community) and Øystein Grøvlen (Alibaba/Community) had the task of reducing 75 submissions into the final 17.

The following sessions were selected:

Session Speaker Start End
Welcome Frédéric Descamps and Ian Gilfillan 10h30 10h40
MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.4 Peter Zaitsev 10h40 11h00
MyRocks in the Wild Wild West! Alkin 11h10 11h30
How Safe is Asynchronous Master-Master Setup? Sveta Smirnova 11h40 12h00
The consequences of sync_binlog != 1. Jean-François Gagné 12h10 12h30
Overview of encryption features Hrvoje Matijakovic 12h40 13h00
Whats new in ProxySQL 2.0? – Exploring the latest
features in ProxySQL 2.0
Nick Vyzas 13h10 13h30
SELinux fun with MySQL and friends Matthias Crauwels & Ivan Groenewold 13h40 14h00
Running MySQL in Kubernetes in real life Sami Ahlroos 14h10 14h30
ALTER TABLE improvements in MariaDB Server –
Optimized or instantaneous schema changes,
Marko Mäkelä 14h40 15h00
Rewinding time with System Versioned Tables Sergei Golubchik 15h10 15h30
Knocking down the barriers of ORDER BY LIMIT
queries with MariaDB 10.5
VARUN GUPTA 15h40 16h00
CPU performance analysis for MySQL using
Hot/Cold Flame Graph
Vinicius Grippa 16h10 16h30
Hash Join in MySQL 8 Erik Frøseth 16h40 17h00
Comparing Hash Join solution, the good, the bad
and the worse.
Marco (the Grinch) Tusa 17h10 17h30
MySQL 8.0: Secure your MySQL Replication
Pedro Figueiredo 17h40 18h00
Automating schema migration flow with GitHub
Actions, skeema & gh-ost – And end-to-end schema
migration automation, from design to production, at
Shlomi Noach 18h10 18h30
20 mins to write a MySQL Shell Plugin – Extend the
MySQL Shell with a plugin created from scratch
Frédéric Descamps 18h40 19h00

All sessions will be taking place in H.2214 on Saturday 1st February. There will be five minutes for questions between each session.

Please check closer to the time for any schedule changes. Look forward to seeing you there!

FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB & Frieds Devroom 2020 Committee

The Mysql, MariaDB and Friends Devroom is pleased to announce the committee that will decide on the talks to be presented. Every year we are overwhelmed with submissions and it’s the committee that have the thankless task of deciding on the final selections – last year we had 67 submissions to reduce down to 17 final selections,

This year’s committee members are:

Marco Tusa (Percona)
Kenny Gryp (MySQL)
Vicențiu Ciorbaru (MariaDB Foundation)
Matthias Crauwels (Pythian)
Giuseppe Maxia (Community)
Federico Razzoli (Community)
Simon Mudd (Community)
Øystein Grøvlen (Alibaba/Community)

The CFP is open until 20 November so get submitting, and we look forward to seeing you at FOSDEM!

MySQL, MariaDB & Friends DevRoom CfP is now open !

Good news ! Once again, the MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom has been accepted for FOSDEM’20‘s edition !!

This event is a real success story for the MySQL ecosystem; the content, the speakers and the attendees are growing every year.

FOSDEM 2020’s edition will take place 1st & 2nd February in Brussels and our MySQL, MariaDB & Friends devroom will run on Saturday 1st (may change). FOSDEM & MySQL/MariaDB is a love story started 20 years ago !

The committee selecting the content for our devroom is not yet created and if you want to be part of this experience, just send me an email (candidate at mysqlmariadbandfriends dot eu) before Oct 26th.

If you want to join the Committee you have to align with the following conditions:

  • planning to be present at FOSDEM
  • having a link with MySQL & MariaDB Ecosystem
  • have some time to review and rate talks
  • be an ambassador for the event by promoting it

The Call for Papers is now officialy open and ends November 20th. You can submit now() your proposal using FOSDEM’s submission tool.

Marketing and Sales speeches are not welcome, focus on the engineering, the operations and of course the developers.

Don’t forget to specify the track (MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom) and set the duration to 20 mins (short but intense ;-) )!

Thank you, and see you soon in Brussels !

FOSDEM MySQL Community Dinner – Friday 1 Feb 2019 – Tickets Selling Out Fast!

If you have not purchased your ticket yet for this years FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB and Friends Community Dinner, hurry! We’ve already sold 2/3 of our tickets since launching tickets sales last week.

The dinner takes place in the same location, on the same day as the  pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day 2019.

Buy your tickets on Eventbrite:

We’re looking forward to meeting you all again at Fosdem and the Community Dinner. See you then!

Once again, we want to thank our generous sponsors, whose help makes this affordable at such a great price.
Community Sponsors:

FOSDEM MySQL, MariaDB and Friends 2019 Schedule

The MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom was once again flooded with submissions. The committee, consisting of community members Daniël van Eeden, Art van Scheppingen, Giuseppe Maxia and Aurélien Lequoy, as well as Tom de Cooman for Percona, Vicentiu Ciorbaru for MariaDB and Nuno Carvalho for MySQL/Oracle, had the difficult job of whittling down 67 submissions into the final 17.

The following sessions were selected:

Session Speaker Start End
Welcome Frédéric Descamps and Ian Gilfillan 10h00 10h30
Patterns and anti-patterns in OSS participation – Lessons from MySQL AB, the MariaDB Foundation, and others Zak Greant 10h40 11h00
Making Your MySQL Replication Setup Run Faster! Vitor Oliveira 11h10 11h30
The consequences of sync_binlog != 1 Jean-François Gagné 11h40 12h00
MySQL Replication – Advanced Features Peter Zaitsev 12h10 12h30
Tapping Into the Binary Log Change Stream Luis Soares 12h40 13h00
The art of multiplexing MySQL connections with ProxySQL René Cannaò 13h10 13h30
Improve your SQL – Common Table Expressions (CTE) and Window Functions Susanne Holzgraefe 13h40 14h00
LATERAL derived table in MySQL Norvald H. Ryeng 14h10 14h30
Test complex database systems in a laptop with dbdeployer – The friendly tool that makes DBA and developers life easy Giuseppe Maxia 14h40 15h00
MariaDB and MySQL – what statistics optimizer needs – or when and how not to use indexes Sergei Golubchik 15h10 15h30
MySQL and the CAP theorem: relevance & misconceptions – Dissecting, affirming and refuting CAP assumptions in real production systems Shlomi Noach 15h40 16h00
How to create a useful MySQL bug report – …and make sure it’s properly processed Valerii Kravchuk 16h10 16h30
How Online Backup works in MyRocks and RocksDB Yoshinori Matsunobu 16h40 17h00
TiDB: Distributed, horizontally scalable, MySQL compatible Morgan Tocker 17h10 17h30
MySQL Performance Schema in 20 Minutes Sveta Smirnova 17h40 18h00
MySQL 8.0 Component Infrastructure – Why, what’s there, what’s next and how to use it Joro Kodinov 18h10 18h30
MySQL 8.0 Document Store: How to Mix NoSQL & SQL in MySQL 8.0 – a database where developers and DBAs live in peace Frédéric Descamps 18h40 19h00

All session will be taking place in H.1308, Rolin (to be confirmed) on Saturday 2 February. Please check closer to the time for any schedule changes. Look forward to seeing you there!

MySQL, MariaDB & Friends: the Committee

We have sent requests and also received candidatures for the MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom Committee. Now we are happy to announce you the name of the people who will rate your submissions:

Know that the Committee is known, don’t hesitate to submit you talk!

See you soon at FOSDEM !

Clipart: Committee Majority by Krisada from the Noun Project

Oracle MySQL and its friends !